Sunday, 4 December 2016

Mind Crafternoon with Crafter's Companion

Join in the Mind Crafternoon - 5th - 9th December 2016 with a Christmas Sewing Project

We're getting together to have a fun Crafternoon whilst raising some money for Mind.  
Enjoy the blog and hop around to the other crafter's blogs to see what fun things you can make.   

The Crafternoon is to have fun and to raise money and awareness of  the charity Mind who offer help to everyone facing mental health issues or problems, and can help to make sure they are not facing it alone, they can offer advice and support for everyone.

MIND - We won't give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

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Let's get started.. and don't forget to hop around to see the other beautiful blogs and be in with a chance to win if you leave a comments...(blog links at the end)

Christmas Cones - tutorial - 

From Debbie Shore's Half Yard Christmas Book

To make the project, this makes 4 Christmas Cones, you will need:

Crafter's Companion Suppplies:
Debbie Shore's Half Yard Christmas Book
Crafter's Companion Christmas red fabric with cream stars
Crafter's Companion Christmas cream fabric with red stars

Other Supplies:
Ribbons, threads, buttons and an erasable fabric pen.

 Let's get started:

 Step 1: 

Select two contrasting fabrics, an 8inch plate (to use to draw around), contrasting ribbon and buttons.

 Step 2:
Draw a circle on to the two fabrics, using an erasable fabric pen, drawing on the wrong side of the fabric.

 Step 3:
Cut the circles out.

 Step 4:
Take the ribbon and measure 4 10 inch lengths.

 Step 5:
Fold each circle in half then in half again and finger press the creases, this gives you a cutting line to follow, open out the circle and cut into 4 equal quarters.

 Step 6:
Take 1 quarter and pin 1 piece of ribbon to the right side of the fabric, one and a half inches from the side, do this for 4 quarters.
 Step 7:
Tack the ribbon in place, this will hold the ribbon in place when you machine sew the pieces together.
 Step 8:
Pin a contrasting quarter fabric on top of the fabric with the ribbon attached, sandwiching the ribbon inside - right sides together.
 Step 9:
Machine stitch across the curved edge of each cone.

Step 10:
Open out and press your seams.

  Step 11:
Take your cone (now a diamond shape) and tucking the ribbon inside, pin across the fabric making sure you leave a gap for turning.
 Step 12:
Pin the gap for turning.
 Step 13:
Machine stitch the cone together, leaving a gap for turning.

Step 14:
Turn right sides out, taking the ribbon through first makes it easier to turn.
 Step 15:
Gently press the cones, making sure the pointed ends are pushed right out.
 Step 16:
Hand sew or machine the gap that had been left for turning.
Step 17:
Pop one contrasting cone inside the other to make the lining of your hanging cone, then turn a small amount of the lining fabric back to give a neat and pretty edge to the cone.

 Step 18:
Choose some pretty buttons to embellish your cones.

Fill the cones with sweets, chocolates or little surprises and decorate your Christmas Tree

I hope you have enjoyed this fun project and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  Thank you for visiting my blog and supporting Mind.

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Sally x


  1. Fab project... The kids would love it.

  2. I don't sew but these look lovely. Might start sewing xx

    1. You should Suzie they were quite easy to make xx

  3. That is a fabulous tutorial, I will definitely make those for my boys. Thank you for helping to fundraise for mental health x

  4. Great project and something that is beautiful and really useful x

    1. I'm glad you like them, I love Debbie Shore's projects xx

  5. Fabulous and fun festive projects Sally.

  6. Pretty projects,Sally.Also cute for in the Christmas tree.Thank you.


  7. Cute and festive, really makes me wish I could sow x

  8. Cute and festive, really makes me wish I could sow x

  9. Such a brilliant Christmas tutorial and decoration Sally. I love these Christmas cones, they're so sweet. Hugs

  10. A fabulous project and such fun for this time of year. Great blog hop and for such a good cause.

    1. Thanks Catherine, a great cause I agree xx

  11. Fabulous Sally great for this time of year!

  12. Such a fab idea, I'm not a sewer but I love fabric and know I will get a sewing machine one day. I love your project and feel it could be adapted to Birthday parties and Easter gifts too x

    1. They could easily be adapted a great idea, thank you xx

  13. Great idea Sally xx love it !

  14. Haven´t been sewing for many years, but these really looks like I might try again ha ha. They´re just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Maryann, Debbie Shore's projects are really easy to follow, you should start sewing again xx

  15. My grand-children will love these, thanks for the inspiration. :)

    1. Thank you Pat, my grandchildren will too, I can't wait for them to see these xx